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Minions Merchandise

Have you ever struggled with Christmas or birthday presents because a child had literally everything? I bet you have. So have we. That is why it’s time to speak about something every child wishes to have but no adult is aware of. This is minions.

Well, after watching ‘Despicable Me’, everyone wished they had such a cute little minion in their life. But, the truth is that it’s just a cartoon. Or not? In this list, we are sharing 15 genius minion presents that every child and even some adults want to have. Are you ready?

minions merch

Minions Pajama

Your kids will be delighted to receive this pj’s as a present for B-day. Other holidays will do, as well. The funny set of a coat and pants with Stuart and Jerry smiling will leave everyone who is a fan of minions happy.

100% polyester may not be the best material in terms of ecology but this fabric is durable and can be washed in a machine. Besides, it is pleasant to wear and never chafes the skin.

Minions Thermos

If you want your kids to stay hydrated throughout the day while they’re at school, F4017MN6 Funtainer must be the solution. The bottle is convenient during long car trips or journeys abroad. Children will be more eager to drink from this funny little bottle than from any other.

Stainless steel is a premium material that withstands clashes and bumps against walls, books or other objects. The bottle is not for hot drinks but for cold beverages that stay nice and cool for 12 hours!

Minions Bedding Set

Minions Bedding Set

What could be better than 100%-cotton bed sheets with vivid minion prints for your kids’ bedroom? DreamWorks knows the answer.

The sheets are pleasant to look at. All the favorite minions of your children are there doing their things and looking happy. This present idea can make any child happy.

Minions LED Night Light

Minions LED Night Light

If your child is afraid of the dark, minions LED night light can solve this problem. The lighting is dim and doesn’t bother the eyes when you’re sleeping.
The night light is smart and can turn on at night and off – in the morning. The LED lamps are energy-efficient and last for years.

Minions Coffee Mug

Minions Coffee Mug

A minion cup will be a fun surprise both for children and adults. This Despicable-Me stylish cup by Bijouland makes everybody smile when they see it and makes you happy throughout the day.
When it comes to functionality, the cup is microwave-friendly. Besides, it can be washed in a dishwasher.

Minions Waffle Maker

Minions Waffle Maker

Once you’ve served the minion-looking waffles with melted chocolate, jam or other toppings, your family will fall in love with this dish.
The minion waffle maker is compact. It won’t take much space in your kitchen. The device weighs only 3 pounds.

Minions Ceramic Mug

Minions Ceramic Mug

‘Despicable Me’ mug differs from the previous one because it comes with a spoon and a lid.

The cup is ceramic and has a heat-resistant handle. The kids will adore this mug for its look, whereas adults will certainly appreciate the package and 400 ml capacity.

Minions Shower Curtain

Minions Shower Curtain

This cozy detail for your bathroom will garnish your shower area and attract the kids’ attention. Polyester fabric is perfect for bathroom shower curtains since it’s water-resistant, durable and machine-washable.

180×180 cm dimensions are standard and sure to fit in any average-sized bathroom. The curtain has 12 free hooks. Naked minions printed on the curtain look like they’re about to take a shower. Such a laugh for little kids!

minions t-shirt

Minions T-Shirt

A T-shirt and shorts kits are practical and comfortable for energetic children who love to jump, run and play sports games. The elastic waist allows the kids to enjoy the freedom of movements. Besides, it stretches very well which is nice after your child had a hearty lunch or a big dessert.

100% cotton is #1 material for kids’ clothes. It is breathable and soft. Nevertheless, you should be careful with machine washing and wash this set only under cold temperatures.

Minions badge

Minions badge

The minion badge reel is great for those who are fed up with a boring uniform and want to shake it up a bit. If your boss has a sense of humor, funny badge reels might be what you need to refresh the work outfit.

Badges can be easily removed if you’re not in the mood of wearing them. They are made of thread and come in different designs. There are minions in a uniform, Captain America ones, minions with a banana and others.

Minions Wall Photo Prints

Minions Wall Photo Prints

Minion pictures can decorate the walls in your kids’ bedroom. They are of 8×10 size. The print quality is so great that the photos don’t fade within 100 years, can you believe it?

The great thing is that if you receive damaged pictures, you can return them within 30 days and get a refund.

minions bottle

Minions Water/Coffe Bottle

What about a nice reusable coke container for your favorite beverages? Sounds appealing? You will be able to buy large sodas and pour a little in Kollox Cola cans to save some money. This way you will be more eco-conscious and won’t buy and throw away hundreds of cans a year again.

The kids will drink anything you pour in such a can so you are free to replace cola with lemon water. A 350-ml can must last for a two-hour walk and quench the thirst of your kid. The drinks stay cool or warm for 6-12 hours.

Minions Light Set

Lights can transform any room into a cozy and warm area. In the evening, it is pleasant to spend time doing your stuff or watching Netflix under the dim lighting provided by Kurt Adler minions lights.

The lights are made of plastic that is why they are lightweight. They have little spaces between each lamp to enlighten the whole room. The length is 12 feet so you will be able to cover the whole wall from the right to the left.

Minions Individual Bowl

Minions  Bowl

A personal bowl is what any kid wants. Seeing those boring adult dishes make children sick of some foods like soup or broccoli and they struggle with eating it. A minion bowl is a whole different thing.

You should remember that it’s forbidden to use the bowl in a microwave since it will get damaged. The bowl is BPA-free which means that no dangerous chemicals will go into your body with food.

Minion Hat

Minion Hat

The minion hat could be the great element of a Halloween costume or a nice touch to a costume party. It is soft and gentle to the skin since it’s made of polyester.

A hat comes in one size so don’t worry about measuring. It is supposed to be worn by toddlers or young children. Read all the warnings before exploitation.

Despicable Me Minions Merchandise

No matter what you opt for, choose the presents carefully and always consider another person’s needs. ‘Despicable Me’ merchandise is one of the funniest things the world has ever had but if a kid doesn’t like this cartoon, think of something else.

But, if a kid wants to have everything with a minion’s face in his arsenal, you can’t go wrong if you buy one of these presents. Good luck!