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Gifts for Photographers Under $50

If you need to buy something for a photographer friend of yours, you may be worried that you’ll have to spend a fortune to get something that is actually useful. After all, photography equipment is notoriously expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you definitely need to spend hundreds of dollars to get something that your friend will appreciate or find useful.

There are many potential photography gifts that you can find under $50, and lucky for you, we have a list of 30 of the best ones you can consider.

gifts for photographers under $50

Photographer Clock

Photographer Clock

Helping your friend add a little bit of photographic flair in their home or studio is a good way to make them happy, and this clock is a very simple and effective way to do so. It’s designed like a camera with the actual clock being placed where the lens would be. Affordability, usefulness, and a theme along the idea of photography – all of these things make this one a great gift for any photographer.

Soft Box Kit

Neewer Cube Diffusion Soft Box

A soft box like this that can be used to take product shots of small to medium sized products is something any studio photographer can appreciate. It comes with four colored backdrops to provide users with the flexibility and customizability to take interesting product photos. Add to that the affordable price tag and this becomes a great gift even for professional photographers.

USB C Adapter for MacBook

USB-C Adapter for MacBooks

If your photographer friend owns a MacBook, they may have the problem of not having enough ports on their computer that are sometimes necessary for the photo editing process. This adapter is a great solution to this problem as it adds 3 USB-A ports, one SD card reader, and one USB-C port to the MacBook. This makes the MacBook much more useful for any kind of photographer, making it an excellent gift for photographers.

Behind the Camera

‘Behind the Camera’

For beginner photographers who want to learn different photography techniques before they get serious about their work, this book is filled with 100 photographers’ techniques for taking creative photographs. It would provide a lot of inspiration to new photographers who are just starting out and trying to find their own creative ‘look’ for their photography.

Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag

S-ZONE Canvas Bag

When looking for gifts for travel photographers, you should look for something that allows them to carry their equipment comfortably. This messenger bag is a great gift because it has enough space for a camera body with a couple of lenses, mobile phones and other gadgets. There’s even a place to carry a tripod on the bottom of the bag, making it much more useful than many other messenger bags out there. It strikes a great balance between functionality and style.

‘Photographer’ Wine Bottle Holder

‘Photographer’ Wine Bottle Holder

A wine bottle holder designed like a photographer taking a photo is something that any photographer will appreciate as a decorative addition to their home or their office. This holder is made from metal which makes it durable as well as lightweight.

Lens Ball in Clear Glass Set

Ocular Crystal Ball and Prism

A glass ball and prism are really good ways to get into some creative and experimental photography. So if you are looking for a gift that a photographer can use to have some fun while they’re taking photos, consider getting them this. It comes packed in a very nice gift box and is ready to gift to someone right away.

Leather Scrapbook Photo Album

ThxMadam Leather Scrapbook

A vintage-looking scrapbook with space for over 100 6×4 inch photos is something that any photographer can use. It’s a great way to keep some memories saved for a long time in a visually pleasing way. It comes in various colors and designs so you can choose your pick.

Water Resistant Camera Bag

S-ZONE Water Resistant Bag

This is a stylish camera bag that is perfect for travel photographers thanks to its waterproof and compact design. It comes in two sizes. The medium size can hold one camera with a lens attached and an additional lens while the large size can hold two additional lenses. It comes in different colors to suit your friend’s taste and has leather accents to add to the attractive design.

Flash Diffuser Light Softbox

Flash Diffuser Light Softbox

A flash diffuser that can be mounted to practically any kind of flash is something that is hard not to like, no matter what kind of photos one takes. It’s very useful in controlling the harsh light that comes from a flash, leading to soft and even lighting for portraits and product photos. This diffuser attaches to flashes via a simple Velcro strap and folds into a very compact and lightweight design when not in use.

The Photographer's Guide to Posing

‘The Photographer’s Guide to Posing’

From beginner photographers to professionals, this book is going to be highly appreciated because it provides tips and tricks to help pose models of all body types. Posing is one of the most important and basic elements of fashion photography so this makes a great gift for any photographer who is getting into this type of photography.

Photo Box Storage

Novelinks Photo Case

Having a secure and spacious case to store small physical prints of photos is something anyone who likes photos can appreciate. That’s what makes this photo case a great gift not only for photographers but also for people who just like keeping printed photos with them. It comes in three different colors as well as a clear design, and is a secure and easy way to keep many different photos safe for a long time.

LensPen Pro Cleaning Kit

LensPen Pro Cleaning Kit

You can be taking great photos with the perfect composition and lighting, and then realize that a dust particle on your sensor or a smudge on your lens completely ruined your shots. That is why having a good camera cleaning kit is necessary for all kinds of photographers. And this one by LensPen, thanks to its pen-like design, is one of the easiest ones to use, making it an excellent gift for photographers.

Neewer Scaled Camera Table Dolly Slider

Neewer Scaled Table Dolly

For videographers, a table dolly is a great way to get smooth, stable, and dynamic footage. This Neewer Table Dolly is made from high quality materials and ensures smooth operation thanks to the very nicely made wheels. It can be set to move in a straight line or a curved path, as required, leading to some very cinematic shots on a low budget. So, if your photographer friend also dabbles in some video work, consider gifting them this.

The 100 Photographs That Changed the World

‘The 100 Photographs That Changed the World’

What’s not to love about the book that is filled with pictures that had a global impact? This book is the perfect gift for someone who is more into the journalistic style of photography or someone who loves to tell stories through their photos. It’s an inspirational book not only for beginner photographers but also for professionals who are always looking to expand their knowledge.

Photography Camera Cookie Cutters

DIY Camera Cookie Cutters

One of the best fun gifts for photographers who also like to bake is this set of cookie cutters designed like cameras. The cookies you end up with will be cut into the shape of one of three kinds of cameras, complete with other details stamped on them.

iPhone Flash Drive

iPhone Flash Drive

For people who love to shoot with their iPhones, dealing with limited storage is often a problem. That is why this flash drive is such a good gift for such photographers. It can plug in directly to an iPhone to help offload files from the phone to the flash drive very quickly and easily. It essentially adds 256GB of storage to a photographer’s iPhone, which is something that is sure to be appreciated if given as a gift.

Digital Camera for Kids

Digital Camera for Kids

A very nice gift for young kids who are interested in taking photos is this digital camera that helps them start taking photos by themselves. It is a fairly basic camera but it comes with video making capabilities as well as a 16GB SD card to help the kids get started right away.

FRDM Photography Gloves

FRDM Photography Gloves

During winters, life gets very hard for photographers who love to shoot outdoors because they have to wear gloves to keep their hands warm. And gloves make it very hard to push the small buttons on a camera body and impossible to use a touch screen. That is why these gloves are such a great gift for such photographers because it allows the index finger and thumb to be exposed when needed, making it easy to take photos during extreme cold.

National Geographic Magazine Subscription

National Geographic Magazine Subscription

A subscription to National’s Geographic’s magazine is a great way to help travel photographers get inspired. The magazine will not only give them ideas for their travel destinations but will also help them see new ways and techniques to take travel photos. You can gift this magazine to your friend either in both print and digital formats.

PLOTURE Flash Light

PLOTURE Flash Light

This is a flash light, shaped like a ring, that attaches to the lens of a camera. This makes it ideal for macro photography or product shots. It can be used for some portraits as well. It comes with an LCD display for easy control and also different color temperatures so photographers can get the look they want. For studio photographers, this one makes a very good gift indeed.

SD Card Reader for iPhone

DenicMic SD Card Reader for iPhone

If your photographer friend loves to share their work on social media apps right as soon as they’ve taken some pictures, then they will see a lot of use from this card reader that works with iPhones. It will allow them to connect their camera’s memory card with their iPhones in an instant and copy all the photos they want directly to their phones to edit and post online. A simple, yet very effective gift for all kinds of photographers.

SanDisk Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro USH-1 Card

A high-speed, high-quality memory card is something every photographer needs and will appreciate. It’s also something that they can have multiple of, so it makes the perfect gift when you can’t think of anything else. This one from SanDisk is very highly rated and loved by professionals and hobbyists alike, so grab one and gift it to your friend for some instant appreciation.

Neewer TT560 Flash

Neewer TT560 Flash

A flash light like this one from Neewer can be very useful for photographers who like to have some fill light in their photos. It’s not something that only studio photographers find use for but rather has use for many different kinds of photos. It’s easy to use, widely compatible with different cameras, and flexible thanks to its rotating design, making it a useful gift for photographers.

Altura Camera Accessories Bundle

Altura Camera Accessories Bundle

From cleaning materials and lens pouches to a tripod and camera strap, this bundle from Altura contains a lot of different items that any photographer will love to receive as a gift. This one is the perfect gift for photographers when you just can’t settle on one thing and would rather get a whole bundle of little things that each has its own use in a photographer’s workflow.

Altura Camera Accessories Bundle

Julius Studio Backdrop Stand

This one is aimed clearly at studio photographers who need to use various backdrops in their photos, whether they are portraits or product photos. The kit comes with cross bar components, photo clamps, support stands, sand bags, and a carry bag for easy transport. It’s a flexible and durable package that can be used to quickly set up different kinds of backdrops for professional and even fun photos.

Altura Camera Accessories Bundle


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, and getting the light just right for portraits and product photos is something beginner photographers often struggle with. That’s why the LED panel from VILTROX is a really good gift to consider. It is easy to use, has different color temperatures that can be adjusted via a display, and gives off diffused and even light to create a very subtle lighting effect for different kinds of photography.

Altura Camera Accessories Bundle

Ring Light by GUSGU

For all the iPhone photographers out there, having a useful ring light with a built-in phone tripod is something that can be very useful. Not only can they easily set up their phones on this stand but they can also get professional lighting for portrait photos and vlogs. The ring light comes with different color temperatures and 10 brightness levels to give photographers exactly the kind of lighting setup they need.

Altura Camera Accessories Bundle

CADeN Camera Backpack

A sleek looking backpack with enough space for multiple lenses and accessories, a phone charging port, rain cover, and a tripod holder? What’s not to like? This is the kind of gift you can give to any photographer who goes out to take photos often. It will also let them carry their laptops with them thanks to the dedicated pocket inside.

Altura Camera Accessories Bundle

Rotating Ring Light with Phone Holder

If the previous ring light designed for use with phones wasn’t enough, this one should be. Apart from having a phone holder built-in, it also uses a rotating design so that you can get even more flexible with your lighting. For photographers and videographers who use their phones for their photography work, something like this can help out a lot when trying to light themselves or others during shoots.

Best Gifts for Photographers Under 50

So, as you can now see, there are many different kinds of gifts that you can get for your photographer friends without having to spend over a hundred dollars. Photographers usually appreciate anything and everything that can help out a little with their work, from a simple SD card to a customizable lighting solution. So, don’t worry when you have to get something for a photographer as a gift, we’re sure you’ll find something on this list that you like.