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Gifts for Photographers Under $20

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? It feels great when someone close to you gives you something nice that you can actually use. If you’re a photographer, getting a photography gift feels even better sometimes, especially because there’s so many things you can use in your photography that collecting all of them yourself just isn’t feasible sometimes. So, when you receive something that you can use in your everyday work, something you didn’t even know you needed, it feels pretty great.

But it may not be easy for people who are not used to photography to select something as a gift for a photographer, especially something that doesn’t cost a fortune. That is why we have created a list of 30 budget-friendly photography gifts that people can select from when they want to make a photographer’s day.

Gifts for Photographers Under $20

USB Drive


Every photographer can use a good flash drive, especially if it comes with a beautiful walnut box and is made from walnut itself. This flash drive is made from premium materials, looks good, and is definitely going to see a lot of use from any photographer.

Molly & Rex Mug

Molly & Rex Mug

Instead of getting them a ‘world’s best photographer’ mug, get the photographers in your life this artistic, vintage-looking mug with pictures of various cameras from the past. It has a stainless steel rim for durability and is also coated with enamel. This is a simple gift that looks great and will be appreciated by photographers of all kinds.

Print Scarf

Vintage Camera Print Scarf

For the female photographer in your life, this lightweight loop scarf makes a very nice gift indeed. It has prints of cameras on it, drawn in fine lines. You can get this scarf in four different colors to match the taste of the recipient. This is the kind of gift that you don’t have to think too much about since just about anyone can use it in different situations.

‘The Photographer’s Playbook’

‘The Photographer’s Playbook’

For beginner photographers and those who seem to have hit a ‘wall’, this book is full of photography assignments and ideas that can inspire and also reignite the spark for photography. It’s a great way to not only improve the work photographers can do but also to give them new ideas to try out. There are also tips and advice aimed to help photographers capture and edit photos in a better way. Definitely a good gift for aspiring photographers.

Phone Camera Lens Kit

Shuttermoon Phone Camera Lens Kit

A very useful gift for iPhone photographers is this camera lens kit that can fit on most phones out there, not just iPhones. It adds a telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, a macro lens, and a wide angle lens to phones, allowing people to take much more creative photos in a very easy way. The kit is designed in a way that doesn’t scratch the phone camera or body, in order to let photographers use the additional lenses without worrying about damaging their phones.

Retro Camera Decor

Dedoot Retro Camera Decor

A collection of four handmade miniature cameras is something that will look great in any photographer’s home or studio. These cameras are made from resin and are designed to be kept on a table top. The detailing on the cameras is very nice and the unevenness gives them a nostalgic feel, which is what makes them so aesthetically pleasing.

Camera Bracelet

Gzrlyf Camera Bracelet

This is a stainless steel bracelet that comes in a nice velvet pouch, making it a great gift for any photographer who likes bracelets. It has a tiny camera hanging from it, and two quotes related to photography as well. This charm bracelet is long lasting thanks to the stainless steel construction and looks great as well.

Camera Lens Mug

TMANGO Camera Lens Mug

This is yet another kind of mug that is designed for photographers or people who love cameras and photography. It looks like a very convincing lens, complete with zoom and focus rings, AF/MF switch, and all the text that you find on lenses. It comes with a lid, that looks like the front glass element of the lens, keeping the coffee warm. The lid also makes the mug spill-proof which makes the mug travel-friendly as well.

‘Capture the Moment’

‘Capture the Moment’

Capture the Moment is a great photography book for those photographers who like to capture everyday moments in a beautiful way. The book contains lots of high-quality images accompanied by tips about how to take such images. These tips cover various aspects of photography like lighting, posing, composition, equipment used, and more. This is a very useful book for not only beginners but also professional photographers.

Magnetic Poetry - Words for Refrigerator

Magnetic Poetry – Words for Refrigerator

This one is a very simple gift idea for anyone who loves photography. It’s a kit with more than 200 different magnetic tiles, each with words on them that can be arranged to create quotes about photography. These fridge magnets can be used not only to create quotes but also to write messages and even generate random ideas.

Vintage Camera Organizer

Vintage Camera Organizer

Photographers have a lot of stuff lying around on their desks. They have flash drives, hard drives, notebooks, pens, cables, and more. This organizer will help them keep everything sorted on their desks so that they don’t have to deal with a messy desk anymore. Designed like a vintage camera, this is a very useful and beautiful-looking gift that is actually very practical in keeping everything nice and tidy.

Camera Cufflinks

MRCUFF Camera Cufflinks

Nothing screams ‘I love photography!’ than wearing something camera-related. These cufflinks are designed for people who wish to do just that. They come packed in a very nice, hard box and are ready to gift right away. A polishing cloth is also included in the package in order to help keep the cufflinks nice and shiny at all times.

3D Camera Lamp

VELAN 3D Camera Lamp

This lamp is designed to look like a 3D camera. It is one of the cooler gifts on this list and is sure to be loved by photographers of all kinds, especially young photographers. The lamp is made from a flat acrylic plate, which makes it easy to carry around and to install. It doesn’t take up too much space because of this design either. There are 7 different colors you can set, matching your mood. It can be powered either by USB cable or batteries.

Camera Mousepad

Vintage Camera Mousepad

These days, photographers have to use their computers in order to finalize the look and feel of their photos and also to post or print them. That is why gifting them a mousepad with pictures of various vintage cameras printed on it is a good idea for a very affordable gift. The pad is high-quality, with a rubber back to keep it in place and a top surface made from cloth for good performance.

Pop-Up Not Dispenser

3M Pop-Up Not Dispenser

Designed like a Polaroid camera, this note dispenser from 3M can be a fun and useful addition to a professional photographer’s desk. It will help them keep their ideas and plans written down in front of them and will also add some playfulness to their desk setup because of its design.

Photography Dress Socks

Photography Dress Socks

These dress socks with images of cameras and films printed on them are made from a combination of cotton, nylon, and spandex, making them long lasting and comfortable to use. Not only that but each pair that the company sells helps 1 person in Africa get clean drinking water for 100 days. So these socks will make a photographer happy and make life a little easier for someone in need at the same time.


Etekcity 5-in-1 Reflectors

Flexible and collapsible light reflectors are a great addition to any photographer’s kit. They come in handy for portraits, product photos, food photos, and much more. This 5-in-1 reflector comes with gold, silver, white, black color cover that can be attached to the translucent reflector to suit different lighting needs. The collapsible design and the included bag help with portability as well.

Pillow Cover

Camera Printed Pillow Cover

A Leica camera-inspired pillow case will look good in any photographer’s studio or even their home. It comes in either black or blue, both very nice and vintage looking designs, and looks great when on a square-shaped pillow. This is definitely one of the more playful gift ideas for photographers.

Mini Wristlet

Mini Wristlet with Camera Image

This is a small pouch designed with the image of a vintage camera printed on the front. It is made from polyester that feels like canvas. It’s small and lightweight, has dual zipped compartments, and a wrist strap that can be removed if you like. It’s a handy gift to give to anyone, whether or not they are photographers, as it helps them keep their valuables with them in a stylish way.

Camera Stickers

Vintage Camera Stickers

A collection of 35 stickers inspired by photography gear is a very nice gift for anyone who likes to customize their products. These can be put on anything from water bottles to laptops, adding a flair of uniqueness and personality to anything you own as a photographer. It’s like having your own stamp on your gadgets and other equipment!

Monkey Shutter Hugger

Monkey Shutter Hugger

For photographers who take photos of families with young children, this shutter hugger is a great addition to their kit as they can mount in on the lens and give the children something to look and smile at. It makes children feel more at ease than having to stare at a dark camera lens. You can get this shutter hugger in the shape of a monkey, a dalmatian, a dinosaur, or a giraffe.

Vintage Cameras Journal

Vintage Cameras Journal

Having a journal is a great way for photographers to write down their ideas as they go about their day. They can also use them to jot down their notes about various pictures they’re taking, or write reminders for themselves about meetings, etc. That is what makes this journal with pictures of vintage cameras on the cover a very nice and useful gift for photographers. And it’s not expensive at all either!

Camera Strap

Blue Jeans Camera Strap

Some photographers love to customize their camera gear and this camera strap made from blue jeans with brown leather highlights is perfect for those photographers. Carrying their camera around in style is something everyone can appreciate. This strap is made from premium materials, is adjustable, and attaches to any camera. You can get this in other designs as well but the jeans and leather combination is one of the best you can get.

‘Advancing Your Photography’

‘Advancing Your Photography’

If you know a budding photographer who is ready to take their work to a higher level, then this book can be just what they need. They will learn tips and tricks from master photographers about how to compose images, how to train their eye to see better images, how to master their cameras, how to process their images to a professional level, and much more.

Crystal Ball, Pyramid, and Triangular Prism

Crystal Ball, Pyramid, and Triangular Prism

This set of crystal accessories is perfect for those photographers who like to take creative photos and experiment with compositions and colors. The products come without bubbles or any deformities and are made from high-quality materials to ensure clarity. They also come with a wiping cloth and a small pouch. This is a very simple and yet a very useful gift for photographers who like to take experimental or abstract photos.

Set of Camera Prints

Set of Camera Prints

Good photographers appreciate good art, which is why this set of four prints with technical drawings of cameras with a very nice vintage-looking background is a great gift for such photographers. These prints can be framed and displayed anywhere from their homes to their studios. The prints are high-quality and detailed, and are also of patented artworks, not just some online images that are downloaded and printed.

Camera F-Stop Mug

Camera F-Stop Mug

Mugs make such good gifts that we have yet another one on our list. This one is more on the funny side of things. Written on it are the words ‘What the F?’, which may sound weird but is actually a pun based on the f-stop of various lenses. A nice graphic below the words makes this clear. The mug is made from ceramic which makes it nice and durable. Unlike the other mugs on this list, this one is more of an everyday mug rather than something to be displayed.

Picture Cards

Bigger Picture Cards

This deck of cards is different from the ones you may have seen before. It contains 40 cards, each of which has a task on it related to street photography. It basically helps photographers find more ideas about their street photography work. The cards provide challenges to photographers which inspire and encourage them to take different kinds of photos. These are great for beginners as well as those who are looking for new ideas to take their street photography to another level or try something new with it.

Camera Sutra T-Shirt

Camera Sutra T-Shirt

The Camera Sutra shirt has various camera poses printed on it, giving the famous Kama Sutra a funny twist. The shirt is made from cotton, making it very comfortable to wear during the summers. The poses are funny, and the color options are multiple. What’s not to like?

Simuer Glass Triangular Prism

Simuer Glass Triangular Prism

For learning more about light spectrum photography, there’s nothing better to start off with than a simple crystal triangular prism. It comes in a box to keep it safe and scratch-free. The prism helps break white light into different colors, allowing photographers to use light and color very creatively in their photos. This one is a great gift for budding photographers who are still trying out different types of photographic techniques.

Good Gifts for Photographers Under 20

And with that, we come to the end of our list of 30 photography gifts under $20. As you have seen, there are so many different kinds of gifts that you can get for someone who appreciates photography, without spending a ton of money. From coffee mugs and t-shirts to light reflectors and flash drives, you can get something that is either fun and witty or something that is highly useful and practical. The choice is yours!