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Gifts for Photographers Under $25

Whether it’s a simple flash drive, a coffee mug, or a lighting solution, there are many different types of gifts you can get for a photographer. But if you start searching for photography gifts you’ll probably end up in front of an endless collection of such items and will find it very difficult to select one actually worth buying. That is why we have selected 30 of the best gifts for photographers that you can get for less than $25

gifts for photographers under 25

Photographer’s Wristband Set

DSLRKIT Photographer’s Wristband Set

Having a collection of wristbands designed with camera lenses in mind is something any photographer, whether a budding photographer or a professional, will love to have. They can wear them to show off their love for photography and can also use them to help stop zoom/focus creep on their lenses.

Camera Decal

Camera Decal

If your photographer friend likes to let people know that they love photography, then gifting them this decal shaped like a camera with a heart on it is a good idea. It comes in various sizes and many different colors so you can select the one you like most.

Tote Bag

‘I Shoot People’ Tote Bag

A tote bag with the funny line printed on it along with the picture of a camera will come in handy for travel photographers who need to carry a lot of different things with them. They can keep their photography equipment in it or use it for other essentials for outdoor photoshoots.

Ocular Crystal Ball and Prism

Ocular Crystal Ball and Prism

A crystal clear ball and a prism are the perfect photography gift for budding photographers who like to experiment with compositions and lighting effects. The ball comes with a stand as well for easy storage. There is also a pouch included in the package to keep the items safe and scratch-free.

Leather Scrapbook

Leather Scrapbook

A vintage-looking leather scrapbook is great for storing printed photos. The leather cover has an embossed image of a camera to give the scrapbook a little more personality and uniqueness. For people who like to take prints of their photos, having a scrapbook will come in handy.

Photographer Street Sign

Photographer Street Sign

If your friend owns a photography studio, you can gift them this nice sign that they can place on a wall. You can also gift this to young, budding photographers who like to personalize their room. The graphic on the sign is high-definition and very clear, with a bright color that pops out in any space.

Camera Lens Keychain

Camera Lens Keychain

For those who like simplicity, this is a very nice keychain designed like a vintage camera lens. Photographers can use it not only as a keychain but also as a holder for their flash drives. It’s a small gift that is very useful and also looks very good.

Camera Keychain

FUSTMW Camera Keychain

This is another keychain designed for photographers. It’s designed like a tiny DSLR camera and is made from stainless steel to ensure high quality and durability. The keychain also comes with a nice velvet pouch so it is ready to gift right away.

Lapel Pin

“We Can Shoot It!” Lapel Pin

There are countless female photographers out there doing great things and this lapel that is designed to empower women through the powerful graphic and this statement is a perfect gift for female photographers whom you wish to show you support. It’s made from enamel so it is durable and long-lasting. If you like this, get it soon because it’s a limited edition product!

Altura Flash Diffuser

Altura Flash Diffuser

Photographers who use flash lights to add some fill lighting to their scenes now that it’s very important to somehow diffuse this light or bounce it off of a surface to avoid getting a bright light on their subject that takes away all the detail and color. That is why this flash diffuser is such a great gift for photographers. It can attach to pretty much any flash, is collapsible, and comes with a storage pouch.

Leather Keychain

Camera Leather Keychain

A handmade leather keychain shaped like a camera, with fine stitching on it will make a great little gift for photographers and photography lovers. A keychain may not sound like an amazing gift but it sure does come in handy, especially to keep flash drives safe and secure.

Camera Rain Cover

Altura Camera Rain Cover

Travel and wildlife photographers know the importance of keeping their very expensive cameras safe in case of heavy rains. If your friend takes lots of photos outdoors and they don’t have a weather-sealed camera, then this rain cover is an excellently useful gift. It’s made from waterproof nylon and has a clear viewing window through which photos can be taken. It also has adjustable sleeves so photographers can easily operate their cameras while the rain cover is on.

Baseball Cap

Photographer Baseball Cap

A baseball cap with the words ‘The Photographer’ printed on it with a nice graphic of a camera is a nice and simple gift for all kinds of photographers whether they are travel photographers or like taking photos outdoors. It’s a useful gift for pretty much any photographer in your life, whether male or female.

Photo Cube

MCS Photo Cube

This set of 4 clear cubes are great for displaying photos in them in a very creative way. It’s a great gift for photographers who wish to display their printed images in their studios or even just in their homes for decorative purposes. Each cube can hold 6 photos which can help photographers show off various types of photos.

Stabilizing Top Handle

Movo Stabilizing Top Handle

Video makers will really appreciate this top handle for their cameras. They can use it to stabilize their cameras and it also acts as a cold shoe extender. It’s made from solid aluminum which makes it very durable and stable. There’s also a spirit level built into the handle that helps keep the camera level while taking photos or making videos.

Mini Tripod

PIXI Mini Tripod

If your photographer friend has a compact system camera then this mini tripod from Manfrotto is a very good consideration for a gift. It’s small and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around everyday in a backpack. It also looks great and the matte black design matches most camera bodies perfectly too. This is one of the most practical and useful gifts on this list if you want to get something that will help improve the photography experience for your friend.

Cleaning Kit

LensPen Cleaning Kit

Keeping your camera equipment clean is essential not only for its longevity but also for taking the best possible photos. The LensPen cleaning kit comes with ‘pens’ that can be used to clean lenses and filters very easily. The ‘pens’, thanks to their design, are easy to use which makes this kit one of the better ones out there. They’re also easy to carry since they don’t take up too much space in any bag.

Memory Card Case

BEEWAY Memory Card Case

Memory cards are some of the most important pieces of equipment for all kinds of photographers. All the hard work that a photographer goes through is stored on small memory cards that are easy to lose and easy to damage. That is where this BEEWAY memory card case comes into play. It’s water and shock resistant for the ultimate protection, especially for travel photographers. There are 24 slots in this compact case and it comes with a storage bag as well.

Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin

Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin

If your photographer friend uses one of the listed Mac laptops, then this keyboard skin is a great gift because it will help them visualize all the shortcuts they can use with Photoshop on their keyboards. No longer will they need to memorize what button does what because they can see the icons with the name of the tool or function clearly on the skin.

Sandbag Weight for Photography

Sandbag Weight for Photography

Keeping camera equipment like tripods and light stands down when out and about in windy areas is something that can get tricky. These sandbags will help photographers weigh their equipment down and keep it stable while taking photos in difficult conditions. They will also come in handy when taking long exposure shots and an absolute loss of movement is needed.

Camera Cookie Cutters

DIY Camera Cookie Cutters

These three cookie cutters are great for lovers of photography who like to bake cookies every now and then. It’s a fun photography gift for your friends which will help them make detailed camera-shaped cookies. It’s a simple gift that will be appreciated by anyone who likes getting fun things.

iPhone Flash Drive

iPhone Flash Drive

For iPhone photographers, this flash drive that can instantly add 256GB of space to their iPhones will come in handy when they are trying to take lots of photos or record high-quality videos. The flash drive will help them offload heavy files from their phones, keeping their iPhone storage clear.

Digital Camera for Kids

Digital Camera for Kids

This digital camera is designed for young budding photographers who love taking photos. The camera has a fun and friendly design that children will love. It allows them to take 5MP photos and also offers video making capabilities. It also comes with a 4x optical zoom so children can get really creative with their photos. It’s a great little gift for the young photographers in your life.

Subscription to National Geographic Magazine

Subscription to National Geographic Magazine

Having access to National Georgraphic’s magazine is one of the best ways for young and aspiring photographers to get inspired by beautiful locations and cultures around the world. This will only increase their passion for photography and also give them many new ideas for their own photography work.

Walnut Flash Drive

LONMAX Walnut Flash Drive

A photographer can never have too much storage, which is why flash drives make a good gift idea. But this flash drive isn’t just like any other. It’s made from walnut and looks very premium – worthy of being called a gift. It also comes in a walnut box to add to the premium feeling. Give this to any photographer in your life if you can’t figure out what else to get and they’ll most probably be very happy.

‘The Photographer’s Playbook’

‘The Photographer’s Playbook’

In photography, it’s common for people to hit a creative wall. When that happens, they just can’t seem to come up with ideas for taking more photos. That is where this excellent book comes in. It has 307 ideas and assignments for photography that all kinds of photographers can use to reignite their passion for what they do. It’s also a great gift for budding photographers who can try out new ideas to figure out what their style is.

Phone Lens Kit


Smartphone cameras today have become really good, to the point where many photographers just use their iPhones to take printable photos. But phone photographers often feel the lack of different kinds of creative focal lengths since they have fixed lenses. That’s why this kit of 5 different lens attachments is such a great gift for photographers using their phones. These lenses will give photographers much more creative freedom while taking photos, leading to a much better overall experience.

Vintage Camera Jewelry

Vintage Camera Jewelry

This is a very nice gift idea for female photographers. A necklace with a tiny handmade camera alongside an inspiration quote is something that will make a meaningful and beautiful gift. It comes with a nice envelope that can be gifted right away so you won’t have to fiddle around with packaging either.

Photography Idea Cards

Photography Idea Cards

Just like the book we previously mentioned, this deck has 72 different idea cards, each focusing on a specific photography ‘mission’. This is a very useful gift idea for photographers of all kinds, especially young ones who are looking to expand their skills. Each card also has a special hashtag which can be used to post the photos taken online and also to see what other people around the world have done for the same assignment.

The Photographer Kit

Magnetic Poetry – The Photographer Kit

And lastly, this is a fun gift idea for photographers. This kit includes more than 200 worded tiles that can be arranged in different ways to create photography quotes and messages around the house or the studio. This one is definitely a more light-hearted gift idea and is sure to be loved by creative photographers who like to customize their own spaces.

Gifts Under 25 for Photographers Who Travel

As you can now see, for less than $25, you can choose from a whole list of gift ideas for photographers. Before you settle on a product, try to find out what the photographer in your life really needs. If they need something to inspire them, then get them a book or some idea cards. If they need something to improve their photography process, get them a diffuser or a flash drive. If they don’t need anything, then just get them something nice that is photography-related like a necklace or a keychain. No matter what you choose from this list, we’re sure that the recipient of the gift will love it wholeheartedly.